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Strategic Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Basics with Prophets Bookkeeper

5 reasons why you need bookkeeping Required to do your taxes This is one thing you can’t get out of because at the end of the year when you get your taxes done, your tax preparer will require an organized financial report. If you don’t have this then your scrambling through your bank accounts, your…
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How to Track personal Expenses in QuickBooks Online

Spending money within our business for personal things is something I believe we have done and are guilty of from time to time, myself included. Before having a main business account, we are forced to use our personal account.     Now that we have a bank account and QuickBooks set up, we don’t need…
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How to have bookkeeping work for you

If I could explain what bookkeeping is in a few words, its how a business knows if they are doing good or not. Good bookkeeping will tell you how you did in the past, how your doing currently and what needs to be done to continue growing. If your a small business owner you either…
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4 Reasons to Have Bookkeeping

So you started a business. It’s exciting, your about to trek a milestone that will define your life and the ones you love most. Most people go through life working hourly for someone else for their money, then go home and spend it all. You are one of the few who has decided to take…
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How to Sustain Growth in an Uncertain World

How to Sustain Growth in an Uncertain World Who said business would be easy? If someone came to you today and told you that any idiot could run a business, I want you to turn around and run away as fast as you can. The truth is any idiot can start a business, but it…
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