Basic Advisory Package


For people who just need advice and a second set of eyes as they grow, I charge $70 an hour. I've received inquiries from people who want to handle it themselves but require a professional to check that every transaction is being classified correctly. I'm ready to collaborate with you because I know how difficult it may be financially to launch a business.

For the new business

owner or solopreneur

$350.00/month and up

✓ (Up to 70 Transactions)

✓ Bank Reconciliation

(1 Checking, 1 Saving, 1 PayPal)

✓ Credit Card Reconciliation

(1 Credit Card Account)

✓ Monthly Reports

Prepare Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement

✓ Monthly Client Support

Email/Phone and Client Meet-Up (Once Monthly)

✓ Year-End Tax Package

Note: Remote Pricing using Xero or QuickBooks Online Product

$800.00 per month

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