Nathan StadlerHello! I’m Nathan, the brain and passion-driving Prophets Bookkeeper. My path to becoming a business strategist and consultant wasn’t a straight line � it was a real-world learning curve I climbed as I, too, started at the ground level. In the trenches, I grasped the sheer time and grit required to elevate a business from its infancy. That’s where my heart lies: understanding and sharing the journey of hardworking entrepreneurs who put in those 80-hour weeks so they don’t have to be boxed into a 40-hour schedule for someone else.

I believe in rolling up my sleeves and getting down to business � literally. Through my own experiences, I’ve mastered not just the strategy but the empathy needed to guide business owners toward their goals. There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing a fellow go-getter’s dream thrive and grow, all the while knowing I’ve had a hand in laying down the financial foundation that made it possible.

My business acumen isn’t just theoretical. It’s soaked in the sweat equity from helping a dear friend build his business in the Lawn and Landscaping industry. Over two years, we transformed a zero-customer start into a buzzing enterprise bagging at least six new clients monthly. He handled the landscaping; I managed the numbers. Together, we sowed the seeds for a blooming venture, a testament to my belief in the power of financial discipline and savvy.

From Lawns to Ledgers: My Pathway to Empowering Etsy Resellers

I look back at that time with the lawn and landscaping business as the perfect training ground. There, I learned that success comes from both sweat on the brow and smart, strategic planning. When I handled the finances, I saw the tangible impact of meticulous bookkeeping. That’s why I decided to dedicate my skills to helping others, like you, find the same clarity and financial success.

To me, the leap from lawns to ledgers was a natural one. I drew from my experiences to focus on bookkeeping for Etsy resellers. You, as a creative entrepreneur, need freedom to design and produce, and I’m here to handle the numbers side of things, enabling you to grow without being burdened by the financial minutiae.

I started Prophets Bookkeeper because I believe in empowerment through organization. By steering away from Lawn and Landscaping, I was able to branch out to aid a wider community of entrepreneurs. Not just with bookkeeping, but with tailored strategies that facilitate business development and personal growth.

From my home base in Yakima, WA, my reach extends across the entire United States, thanks to the digital landscape we operate within. Whether you’re knee-deep in fabric swatches or covered in sawdust from your latest carving, I’m here to ensure that your finances are as polished as your final product.

If you’re ready to focus on what you love and leave the ledger balancing to a trusted partner, reach out. Let’s make your business thrive together.


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